Silver Linings Vintage Rentals

Welcome to my  shiny idea.

My name is Carmen and SLVR Linings is not just a new chapter for me, but a whole new book.


My Roots

My passion for Airstreams developed in the mid-1990s. In 2003 my husband and I finally acquired our first, a 1966 Overlander Land Yacht. Together, Pete and I renovated “Bertie,” an homage to the original owner, into an updated space we both loved.

In 2008 we found our 1962 Bambi, a treasured diamond in the rough and my heart’s desire, which we gutted for a rebuild and complete renovation. It was my dream to one day rent both out for others to have opportunity to have the Airstream experience.


My silver lining

In the years that followed, life shifted, our focus shifted, and the Bambi project was put on hold. In 2016 Pete passed away, and my partner in life, love, and Airstreams were gone. Since then my life has been one of transitions, trials and tribulations. I shed many possessions but kept the beloved silver trailers. After the clouds cleared a little,  I made a decision; the time had come to get that Airstream dream rolling again.


This is my Silver Lining story in progress.

It is my greatest thrill to be working toward creating an experience to share.